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About Daniel

Hi. I’m Daniel Aytes. I am Executive Coach and Leadership Trainer. 


While living in Asia the past 20 years, I have my own story of overcoming extreme adversity that led to clinical depression with the support of a therapist and coach. Now I get to pass on that support bringing the freedom and wholeness I have experienced to everyone I get to work with, using personal and professional development coaching to help them find joy in the midst of the challenges and adversities they face.


With my experience working with individuals and teams all over world, empowering people to discover and live out their core identity and uniqueness helping them rise to the top in their spheres of influence and work, I have been able to see them grow to fulfill their life purpose with vitality and joy.

I love people, and I gain so much energy when I am able to develop them overcome obstacles within themselves that have held them back for years.  When people awake to their own potential, become aware of their resources, and are championed to pursue what is most important to them and is also aligned with their strengths, they will excel!


Professionals in both for-profit and non-profit work often struggle to understand what emotional intelligence is and how to develop it in themselves and in their organizations. I provide coaching using proven processes that help them close gaps in their understanding and develop emotionally intelligence solutions in specific areas of their lives and work.

What about you? What is your story? I'd love to connect with you!

By the way, I also enjoy drinking lots of coffee, traveling, laughing, listening to audio books, and being silly with my kids. I currently live in South Thailand with my wife, Rachel, and our four daughters.

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